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Outside Transfers Instructions


The “Outside Transfer” feature on Desktop Banking allows you to move money to and from an account or loan at another financial institution. All transactions are applied to your Mid American account the same day if the transfer is created before 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Tranfers created on weekends, Federal holidays or after 3:00 pm Monday through Friday, will be debited or credited to your account the next business day.

Transfers are non-recurring transactions. You must create the transfer each time you want it to occur. Recurring transactions are available to members by calling the Financial Services Department at 316-722-3921, ext. 202.

Only one transaction per day can be set up with the same “outside” financial institution. No fee is charged for setting up a transfer but if an item is returned for insufficient funds, a $10.00 fee will be charged to your Mid American account.

For questions or problems with your transfer, please call Financial Services at 316-722-3921, ext. 202.


How to Use Outside Transfers


Setting up the Outside Financial Institution

After logging into Desktop Banking, click on “Outside Transfers” button on the toolbar.

You can then choose from these buttons:

            Find CU/Bank

            Transfer Funds

            Add New CU/Bank



The first step in using Outside Transfers is to set up the financial institution you

will be debiting or crediting.


1.       Click on “Find CU/Bank” – you will see a disclosure that you will need to read

and then click on the “Submit” button.


2.       Under “To Add a CU/Bank”, do a search for your financial institution by typing

the name (or a portion of the name) in the search box and click on the search box.

If your financial institution is already in our listing, it will be displayed. The

ABA/Routing number of the financial institution will be in parenthesis after the

name. This number should match the number displayed on your checks.

Verify that you have the correct institution as many financial institutions have

similar names.



3.       If your financial institution’s name appears, click on the “Found It”



4.       If your financial institution’s name does not appear, you will get a message

Saying “There were no CU/Bank found that match your search criteria.”

Under “Outside Transfers”, click on the button “Find CU/Bank” button.

You will be asked to input information about your financial institution

and an email will be sent to an employee at Mid American where it will be

added. Adding a new CU/Bank normally takes one business day.


5.       If you found your financial institution, you will click on the “Found It”

button. At the top of the screen, click on the radio button “To Send To”

or “To Receive From”. Type in your account number at the outside

financial institution. Indicate whether this account is a savings or checking

account by clicking on the appropriate radio button.


From the drop-down arrow, choose which of your Mid American

accounts you are debiting or crediting on the transfer.


6.       Click the “Submit” button. You have now completed the process

establishing the outside financial institution.


Setting Up the Transfer Record


1.       Under the “Outside Transfers” button on the left-hand side of the screen,

click on the “Transfer Funds” button. Choose which MACU account you wish to

debit or credit by clicking on the down arrow “From Share Account” and

selecting your share account.


2.       Click the down arrow under the “To Share Account” and choose the outside

financial institution you wish to credit or debit.


3.       Indicate the dollar amount of the transaction in the “Amount” box.


4.       You may type a description of the transfer in the Memo box which will

display on you member statement. Then click the “Next” button.


5.       A summary of your transfer will display. Click the “Submit” button if the

information displayed is correct.




Modifying or Removing a Current CU/Bank


1.       From time to time you may need to modify an existing CU or Bank you have

established for one of the following reasons:

a.       Change an account number at that CU/Bank

b.       Change the status from “To Send To” to “To Receive From” or vice versa.

c.       Change the type of account from “savings” to “checking” or vice versa

d.       Change the share or loan being credited or debited at MACU


2.       Under the “Outside Transfer” button, click on the “Find CU/Bank” button.


3.       Under “To Modify or Remove a Current CU/Bank”, choose the CU/Bank you wish to modify

from the drop-down menu. Once the CU/Bank is selected, you may remove it by clicking on the “Remove” button at the right.


4.       To modify the CU/Bank, choose the CU/Bank you wish to modify from the

drop-down menu click on the “Modify” button. Make the changes you desire and

click the “Submit” button.






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