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Online Bill Payer

Mid American’s free online Bill Payer eliminates the hassles normally associated with paying bills. No more checks to write, envelopes to stuff or stamps to buy! You can use Bill Payer for virtually all of your bills, including setting up automatic payments paid on the same date each month. It’s easy to use—just follow the instructions below to get started!

How to Use Bill Payer / Adding a Merchant / Helpful Hints

How to Use Bill Payer
Bill Payer is available through Desktop Banking. If you are not signed up, you will need to submit a Desktop Banking Authorization Form to begin using this service.

After logging on to Desktop Banking, click Bill Payer on the toolbar. You can then choose from these six buttons:

Quick Pay – pay all of your bills at once More
My Bills – a list of bills you have set up to pay
Detail – detailed information on individual bills
New Bill – add a new bill to begin paying with Bill Payer
Add Merchant – add a new person or company to be paid
Instructions – link to this page


The first step in using Bill Payer is to set up your list of Bills that you would like to pay using Bill Payer:
1. Click on New Bill

Add New Bill



On the next screen, select the Payment Type.

On Demand Bills with amounts that change each month, such as utilities and credit card payments.
Monthly Payments that are always the same and that you want to schedule for a set date each month, such as car and mortgage payments.
Single Payment Used for occasional payments such as medical bills.

Next, enter the first few letters of the Merchants Name, and click Next to bring up a list of Merchants.

Tips: Check the name and address of the Merchant carefully to be sure it matches exactly with the return address on your bill.

  If the Merchant you wish to pay does not show up in the search results, you will need to use Add a Merchant, so you can use Bill Payer to pay them. Adding a Merchant normally takes one business day.

  Many Merchants you commonly pay, such as utility companies, will already be on our Merchant list. Some have multiple billing addresses, so be sure to confirm that you use the return address exactly as listed on your bill.
Merchant Search
Click to view
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Select your Merchant and click Next


On the next screen, enter your account number with the merchant and select the account from which you would like to pay them. Click Next.

Note: If you would like to setup the first payment, check the “Set up initial payment now” box. If you are just setting up a bill that you will pay at a later date, leave it unchecked.


Setup Merchant
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Confirm the details of your bill on the next screen and click Submit. Repeat this process to add other bills.


Once your bills have been added to the system, use the My Bills button to review your list of bills paid with Bill Payer.

My Bills
Click to view sample
To review details of an individual bill, use the Detail button. Detail is also used for paying On-Demand and Single Payment bills and for editing bill information. Bill Details
Click to view sample


Schedule Your Bills in Advance

You can plan your bills as far ahead as you like and set up bills when it’s convenient for you. Bills will be processed on the date you choose, and your account will be debited when it is processed. Each payment is made by check, printed and mailed to the merchant on the date you selected (or the next business day if the selected date is Saturday, Sunday or a holiday).

Your Bill Payer payments are individual Mid American corporate checks. Your name and account number with the Merchant are included on the check. Payments go out by regular mail, so please allow time for the payment to reach the Merchant by the due date. State law restricts the ability to place a stop payment on financial institution checks. The purchase of an indemnity bond may be required before Bill Payer checks can be replaced or refunded in the event one is lost, stolen or misplaced.

Mid American Credit Union is not responsible for late payment fees or other charges resulting from the late application or misapplication of funds transferred or paid to an account or third party.


  Helpful Hints

  • When setting up a bill, be sure your Merchant's name and address exactly match the name and address on our list. If they don't, add the merchant to our list using Add a Merchant.
  • Make sure you enter your Merchant account number accurately.
  • Be sure to record your payments and payment dates in your checkbook.
  • Your account balance will not change by scheduling future bills. Your account is not debited until the scheduled payment date.
  • You can cancel a payment up to midnight on the evening before the payment date you selected.
  • Allow several days for your payment to arrive, especially over weekends and holidays.
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