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Help your teen get a job

Spring break is over and summer is around the corner. It’s not too early for your teenager to start looking for a summer job. Here are some tips for your teen and ways that you can help them find a job.

• Start looking now. As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. Don’t wait until school ends to start looking for a job. A job search can take some time. Encourage your teen to start with limited hours now, if possible, and increase hours in the summer.

• Be prepared. As a parent, you can help in the job search by proofreading your teen’s resume and putting them through some mock interviews. If it’s hard for your teen to role-play with you, ask a family friend to step in as a mock interviewer.

• Pass on advice. As a parent, you’ve probably been through a few job interviews. Make sure to share good pointers on how to get a job: Dress professionally, show enthusiasm, and send a thank-you note.

• Network. If your teen is ready to hit the job market, start telling friends, co-workers and encourage your teen to do the same. Many job prospects are found by word-of-mouth.

Once your teen is getting those summer job paychecks, help them understand the importance of budgeting and saving. Mid American offers a number of youth accounts, including FirstStep and Freedom checking accounts, open to youth older than 13 who take a financial quiz.

Win a Getaway for Two

It will be the Summer to Love using your Mid American VISA credit card.

Every time you use your Mid American VISA credit card from now until July 31, 2014, you will be automatically entered for a chance to win  a 3-day, 2-night trip for two to Palm Beach, Chicago or San Franciso.  

To find out more about a Mid American VISA credit card, click here.

For complete rules on the Summer to Love promotion, visit summertolove.cscu.net. 

Consider a second mortgage

For members trying to consolidate debt and get out from rising credit card interest rates, a financial solution may literally be on their doorstep — using the investment of their home for a second mortgage or home equity loan.

A second mortgage is a secured loan that would be a secondary lien on one’s property. For those who don’t have first mortgage, a second mortgage is usually called a home equity loan.

There are financial benefits and reasons why someone would consider such a loan. For example, while interest rates are increasing on credit cards, they are decreasing for second mortgages and home equity loans. The interest paid on a second mortgage or home equity loan is generally tax-deductible, while the interest on other loans and credit cards isn’t.

The amount of money available for a loan is based on the difference between the home’s current value and the amount owed on the first mortgage. At Mid American, the county appraisal rate is used to determine the home’s value unless the member wishes to pay for a separate appraisal. Terms of second mortgages can vary; at Mid American, five, seven or 10-year terms are offered.

Many members choose to get such a loan to make home improvements, which can mean increasing the value of one’s home. For a limited time, Mid American is offering a Lowe’s gift card of $100 for those getting a second mortgage or home equity loan of $10,000-$19,000, and $200 for a loan of $20,000 or higher.

For more information about home equity loans and a second mortgage or to apply, click here.

Mexico Now Added to List of Countries and U.S. States for Debit Card Restrictions

Due to a high rate of fraudulent transactions occurring in Missouri, Florida, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland and Mexico, Mid American has put restrictions on signature-based debit card transactions in those states and countries.The restrictions don't affect PIN-based transactions, but they do apply to Internet transactions, as well.

Cards are being counterfeited with actual account information but do not contain a member's actual name or other information.

"This has nothing to do with us being breached. It has to do with unscrupulous people taking member information," said Connie White, Mid American's compliance manager.

One of the most common ways in which cards are compromised is when a person pays for a restaurant bill. That's when the card leaves a person's sight and can be run through a second scanner, which is swiping the data from the card's magnetic stripe.

Members are reminded to be diligent about sharing their financial information or conducting card transactions.

Members who travel should notify Mid American of their travel plans. Mid American's anti-fraud area review account transactions for suspicious use, and the notification will help ensure members can conduct transactions, even in those restricted areas.

Mid American members can also access their accounts in Florida and Missouri through shared branches. Go to http://www.cuservicecenter.com/ to locate one of the nearly 4,000 branches in the Credit Union Service Center network, in which Mid American participates.


No-surcharge ATM access in Winfield, Ark City available

Mid American Credit Union members will have ATM access, beginning Monday, Oct. 25, 2010, at locations in Arkansas City and Winfield. Mid American members can use Ark Valley Credit Union ATMs located at 1515 N. Summit in Arkansas City and at 118 W. 9th in Winfield with no surcharge.

Consider refinancing your mortgage

 Since mortgage rates began sliding this summer to historic lows, refinancing activity is up nationwide and at Mid American Credit Union.


According to a national trade group, refinancing activity has jumped 70 percent nationally since June.


At Mid American, we remain very competitive with the rates for conventional mortgages. Check out our mortgage rates in the rate box (found in the left-hand member login column).


A number of our members are taking advantage of the lower rates to lower their mortgage terms. Many have an eye toward the future and are trying to pay off mortgages before entering retirement. Some may choose to lower their payments and set aside the difference between their previous mortgage payment and their new one into savings, given the current economy.


If you’re interested in another financial product, Mid American continues to have low rates for home equity or second-mortgage loans. Members can receive a $100 Lowe’s gift card for loans $10,000 or higher, or a $200 gift card for loans $20,000 or higher.


To find out more about refinancing or home equity loans, contact Debbie Stang, home loan officer, ((316) 722-3921, ext. 250 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We keep responsibility for your mortgage

By Jim Holt, president/CEO


The Midwest is often accused of lagging the national trends. I prefer to say we make sure they are solid ideas before we adopt them. More often we lead the nation. For example the Midwest is experiencing record low mortgage rates. That has led to an increase in members refinancing their mortgages at Mid American Credit Union.


Several years ago, Mid American helped start Member Mortgage Services (MMS). MMS is owned by about 20 Kansas credit unions who decided to not turn to outsiders to handle their members’ mortgages. MMS was established in 2004 with the vision of being our members’ preferred mortgage provider.


Mortgage loan ownership and the handling of payments and escrow (often called mortgage servicing) may be handled by two different institutions. MMS usually sells the mortgage loan ownership to Fannie Mae, a federal government-sponsored agency chartered by Congress. MMS keeps the servicing, which means we continue to be responsible for the day-to-day management of your mortgage account.


We use the technology provided by MMS to make sure our processing of member applications is handled expeditiously and meets industry standards of privacy and care. When you apply for a mortgage loan through the Mid American website, you are immediately linked to one of the most highly regarded mortgage processing engines in the industry at MMS’s site.

Protecting your valuables: Tips for reviewing homeowner’s insurance policy

Don’t wait until a disaster hits to find out whether your homeowner’s insurance policy has got you covered.

According to the nonprofit Insurance Information Institute, there are four major events that should trigger a review of your policy.

  • Policy renewal time. Review your coverage to ensure it is adequate enough to repair or replace your home, as well as adequately cover your personal belongings and liability. Most companies provide coverage for personal belongings of 50 to 70 percent of the amount of insurance you have on the home’s structure. Liability covers homeowners and the family members in that home in lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage. Limits usually start at $100,000 but some experts recommend at least $300,000 worth of protection.
  • Major purchases, including home improvements. If you’ve renovated your kitchen or bath or enclosed a porch to make a new room, report those improvements so you’re not underinsured. And don’t forget about outside improvements, such as a new gazebo or tool shed or a hot tub. If you’ve bought a new computer, jewelry or acquired other major items, you’ll want to consider if you have enough insurance for those additions. Consider purchasing a special policy, called a floater or endorsement, to adequately cover items such as jewelry and other valuables. Floaters also cover losing an item.
  • Safety improvements. If you’ve installed a new alarm system or upgraded heating, plumbing or electrical systems, ensure your company knows about this. Some offer discounts.
  • Major lifestyle changes. The amount of items you have or want to cover can be impacted by divorce or having children move out or back in. If your dream job is working at home, make sure you’re covered for equipment and liability.

Experts recommend keeping receipts of major purchases with the rest of your insurance documentation, including an annual inventory of your possessions. The inventory should include a visual record, such as photographs or a video. Store the inventory in a safe deposit box and consider mailing a second one to an out-of-town friend or relative, experts say.

75 years and counting

jholtaIn 2011, Mid American Credit Union will mark its 75th anniversary. We’ll share reaching a significant milestone with our state — Kansas will celebrate its 150th year of statehood.


It was because of a federal law that Mid American opened its doors in 1936 in Wichita. At that time, employees and volunteers of credit unions in Kansas could not borrow from their own

credit union. We began as a federally chartered credit union, known as Kansas Federal Credit Union, to serve those employees and volunteers of Kansas credit unions.


When federal legislation changed allowing employees and volunteers full access to their own credit unions, we became state chartered, opened our field of membership and in 1979 changed our name to Mid American Credit Union.


Because the qualifications for our membership changed, we needed to identify a niche for ourselves and we have successfully done that over the past three decades. We are a credit union that works with Kansas employers to be the credit union of choice for serving their employees’ financial needs — be it a place to directly deposit paychecks, to finance a home or a vehicle or even obtain financial education at a seminar.


We now work with approximately 300 employers, who are known as our employee groups. Most of you have joined our credit union through that avenue. Some of our more than 23,000 members nationwide have come to us through the variety of options we have continued to add throughout the years.


Although we have undergone changes by acquiring branches and enhancing services, one thing has remained a constant: We opened to serve Kansans and provide access to a member-owned, nonprofit cooperative offering financial products and services with better rates on savings and loans and lower fees and charges. This essential mission remains unchanged.


So as we celebrate our 75th anniversary in 2011, I want to take this time to thank you, our members and owners, for your continued confidence in this credit union. We look forward to serving you for many more decades.


-       Jim Holt, president/CEO

Marking milestones

Mid American will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2011. Here are just a few of the highlights of your credit union’s history.75th_logo


1936 – Opens as the Kansas Federal Credit Union to serve employees and volunteers of other Kansas credit unions


1972 – Law changed to allow Kansas credit union employees, volunteers full access to their own credit unions


1979 – Name changes to Mid American Credit Union and charter changes from federal to state


1988 – Mid American implements MATT, a telephone account access system


1989 – Mid American opens offices within Wichita’s Coleman Co. plants


2007 – Greensburg branch destroyed in EF5 tornado


2009 – Business loans offered; Sunflower CU in Arkansas City merges with Mid American


2011 – Mid American to open second partnered credit union in northeast Wichita

Understanding mortgage closing costs

While interest rates are slowly going up after reaching record lows in 2010, they still remain low enough for people to consider refinancing their current mortgage or purchasing a new home.

Besides considering interest rates, current or prospective homeowners should also understand the variety of fees associated with securing a mortgage. Most closing fees are actually pass-through fees, meaning the money goes to third parties, such as government entities, other financial institutions or title companies. These fees are paid when closing, or finalizing, your mortgage.

 Here’s an explanation of some of those closing fees and what they cover:

  • Application fee. According to the Federal Reserve Board, institutions charge between $65 and $640. Some, like Mid American, charge lower fees. At Mid American, we charge a nominal fee of less than $20 for processing your credit report to start the application process.
  • Origination fees. These fees cover underwriting, document preparation and costs to deliver paperwork to other financial institutions.
  • Title fees. In order to process a mortgage, a property’s title must be free and clear of any liens or claims. A title company is hired to check this.
  • Registration and tax fees. The cost of these fees is related to the amount of the mortgage loan. These fees cover the processing of showing ownership and paying property taxes to the county.
  • Recording fees. All properties must be recorded with the register of deeds, a government entity.
  • Appraisal fees. The value of the property has to be determined, since it plays a part in your mortgage and equity, as well as how your property tax is assessed.
  • Points. One can purchase “points” to lower a mortgage interest rate. The industry standard is that the cost of each point is 1 percent of the loan amount. For example, on a $100,000 loan, one point would cost $1,000. Whether one should buy points depends on how long they intend to keep the loan.

New branch features retail-based concept, cooperative effort



As we celebrate our 75th anniversary this year, we are looking to the future. This spring, Mid American Credit Union will break ground for its latest full-service branch. It will be located in northeast Wichita off K-96 highway at the 29th Street and Webb intersection. The facility will combine a retail-based concept, which will be new to the Wichita financial industry market, and the proven cooperative strategy of working with other credit unions.


We are working with Cessna Employees Credit Union and Catholic Family Federal Credit Union and perhaps one or two other credit unions to bring this new facility to fruition. This concept is similar to the one we used in developing our branch in southwest Wichita. The grand opening of the new facility is expected in fall 2012.


We are particularly excited to bring a retail-based concept in financial facilities to Wichita. The 4,000-square-foot facility will feature up to three free-standing teller-pods in a rotunda-shaped lobby. The pods will work like a concierge center for members. Employees will greet members as they arrive and handle financial transactions in a more relaxed setting, without the physical barrier of a large teller line.


Financial institutions in other markets using this model say it improves member relationships, allowing the member to feel more like they are a part of the credit union and partners in handling their financial needs.


We believe this approach will appeal to guests of adjacent hotels and shoppers and employees of nearby retailers. The facility will include a Wi-Fi cafe -- complete with a drive-through lane for convenience. Members of the 4,100 branches within the Credit Union Service Centers network can handle their banking needs at this new facility, along with taking time to sip a coffee while checking e-mail or surfing the Internet.


The building also will include a community room that can be used by not only our affiliate employee groups but other community organizations. This will allow those groups to experience the people-helping-people credit union brand, and possibly even consider joining us as an employee group or as individual member.

Mid American wins state award for kids’ financial literacy efforts

Mid American Credit Union has won the state-level credit union Desjardins Youth Financial Education Award. As the first place winner, Mid American will go on to compete in the national competition, sponsored by the Credit Union National Association.

The credit union won the award for teaching a financial literacy course in 2010 as part of a summer youth program in two of Wichita’s most culturally diverse and economically disadvantaged neighborhoods.

It was the first time Mid American participated in the program, which started in 2002 as an initiative to provide safe, structured low-cost activities to at-risk youth. It is sponsored by the Wichita Police Department, the Park and Recreation Department, and the city manager’s Community Education Section, and is offered in five Wichita neighborhoods.

Mid American staffers taught more than 200 youth about various aspects of money — its history, how it’s used and how it’s earned and saved —during weekly one-hour sessions.

The 2010 financial literacy pilot program proved so successful that the credit union will offer the course in all five of the program’s camps this summer.

Branching Out - 28 Wichita Area Branches & Service Centers Now Available

jholtaBy Jim Holt, president/CEO

Mid American Credit Union members gained access to more than 25 shared branches just within the local Wichita area, when Meritrust Credit Union recently joined the nationwide shared branching network, Credit Union Service Centers.

Mid American recognized the value of the Credit Union Service Centers network and led credit unions from this area to join several years ago.

This unique network has gained in popularity, with more than 4,300 credit unions participating in the U.S. alone.

With this concept, you can maintain your membership and accounts in your home credit union, and still have in-person access at any participating credit union where you may happen to be. This is particularly convenient for those who frequently travel or need to relocate.

It’s easy to find these locations: Look for the distinctive CU Service Centers swirl , displayed at participating credit unions, use the online locator service, or use your portable device to navigate to the closest option. Locator applications are available for some smartphones.

This concept of cooperation among financial institutions is unique to credit unions. You will not find this among banks or other financial institutions.

Because credit unions are a nonprofit cooperative, we realize that we can better serve our member-owners through cooperation.

At Mid American, we have had success cooperating with other local credit unions in other ways. For example, we are working with Cessna Employees and Catholic Family Federal credit unions, and possibly one or two others to bring our brand of service to the northeast. We broke ground on that facility in May.

We’re also in the process of finalizing another partnership for that facility – to offer an Internet café run by a new local business, Savories Tasty Shop & Coffee House. The retail-based concept will be another pioneering milestone for Mid American – we’ll be on the forefront of offering this type of facility in the Wichita area, just as we were on the forefront of bringing the CU Service Center network to town.

Another example of convenient cooperation is our participation the Co-op Network, which allows you to use more than 28,000 ATMs nationwide with no surcharges. You can find those locations online, as well, by clicking on the ATMs link.

We want to serve you in ways that are convenient to you in as many locations as possible. Let me know if there is some way we can be more available to you.


Advocacy: We Need Your Support!


Why should I advocate for credit unions?

Membership in a not-for-profit credit union is an important option for consumers. Banks and other financial institutions are motivated by maximizing profits for their investors. Credit unions are owned by their members, which means we work only in your best interests. When new laws and regulations are proposed that might restrict your ability to join a credit union or harm the financial health of credit unions, your voice is needed to let legislators know that their constituents are concerned.


Advocacy is your opportunity to help when issues arise that would negatively impact credit unions. We face proposals for new laws and burdensome regulations every year. Such changes, when enacted, hold the potential to cause harm to the financial health of Mid American and other credit unions. This is why we ask for your help from time to time to contact legislators and regulators. This advocacy section of our web site is your source for the latest on issues affecting credit unions and for easy communication with legislators in Washington D.C. and Topeka.


Current issues

  • Small Business Lending Enhancement Act. S.509

  Senator Mark Udall (D-CO) recently introduced the Small Business Lending Enhancement Act, S.509, which would raise the credit union member business lending cap to 27.5% of assets. This common sense provision could provide up to $13 billion to small businesses in the first year alone and create over 140,000 new jobs at no cost to taxpayers. Please contact your Senators TODAY and urge them to support S.509.




Find your elected officials at Credit Union National Association's Grassroots Action Center

New coffee shop to open in new Mid American branch

A new coffee shop will open within Mid American Credit Union’s new facility in northeast Wichita building at 29th Street and Webb Road when the branch opens in fall 2012.

Mid American’s new 4,500-square-foot branch, which will be located just east of the Courtyard Marriott, near the K-96 and Webb interchange, includes space for a wireless café/coffee shop, along with a community meeting room and is based on a new retail-based concept being used at financial institutions elsewhere.

Savories Tasty Shop & Coffee House will occupy about 925 square feet in the new facility. The owner of Savories is Shawn Blattner, who is a co-owner of another Wichita restaurant, Dolci & Joes. Savories, which is projected to be open from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, will serve gourmet coffees, along with homemade gourmet cheesecakes and ice cream, according to Blattner. There will be  a drive-through lane for the cafe, too.

Mid American’s branch is being designed by Kraybill Architect, the same firm that designed Mid American’s main branch at 8404 W. Kellogg (at Kellogg and Tyler). Cessna Employees and Catholic Family Federal credit unions, and possibly one or two Wichita-area credit unions, will partner with Mid American at the new facility.

            “We’re really excited to bring a retail-based concept in financial facilities in Wichita and we’re particularly pleased to feature a locally owned small business in this venture,” said Jim Holt, president and CEO of Mid American Credit Union. A large number of Mid American’s members are employees of the more than 300 businesses that have partnered with the credit union to offer financial services to their employees. The branch will feature free-standing teller pods that work like a concierge center for members.

Mobile, text banking available

Now you can bank on-the-go with Mid American’s new mobile and text banking services, available on your phone or mobile device.

With mobile banking, you can check balances, view account history, transfer funds and do national and local searches for the nearest ATM or branch. With text banking, you can text us for your account balance and recent transaction history and even transfer funds.

To sign up for the new services, go to  http://www.co-opmobile.org.

Mobile and text banking services are free from Mid American. Depending on your cell phone carrier’s data plan, you may incur a data services charge from your cell phone provider.

A couple of tips on getting set up:

·         When you are prompted to enter user ID and password, click on New User to begin the process.

·         Make sure you enter your personal identification as it is listed on your account.

With the addition of the new services, Mid American keeps you connected through practically any communication device: online through Desktop Banking, with your cell or mobile device through mobile and text banking, and through an automated 24-hour  telephone service, Mid American’s Telephone Teller or MATT, by calling 722-3921 and pressing  3 to be connected to the service.

Debt In Focus
Ensure short codes are enabled for text banking

If you’re planning to use Mid American’s new text banking services, make sure that your cell phone has been enabled for short code texting.

Short codes are a special set of numbers used by various industries when providing a value-added, automated service such as text banking. Mid American’s unique short code is 282228. This is the number to which a member sends a text to receive account information.

Usually short codes are enabled, but if you are having difficulties signing up for text banking, short codes may be blocked on your phone. Contact your carrier to have it unblocked.

With Mid American’s new mobile banking, you can check balances, view account history, transfer funds and do national and local searches for the nearest ATM or branch. With the new text banking, you can text us for your account balance and recent transaction history and even transfer funds.

To sign up for the new services, go to  http://www.co-opmobile.org.

Mobile and text banking services are free from Mid American. Depending on your cell phone carrier’s data plan, you may incur a data services charge from your cell phone provider.

A couple of other tips on getting set up:

·         When you are prompted to enter user ID and password, click on New User to begin the process.

·         Make sure you enter your personal identification as it is listed on your account.

With the addition of the new services, Mid American keeps you connected through practically any communication device: online through Desktop Banking, with your cell or mobile device through mobile and text banking, and through an automated 24-hour  telephone service, Mid American’s Telephone Teller or MATT, by calling 722-3921 and pressing  3 to be connected to the service.


Winners named in grill giveaway

Congratulations to Mitch Crouch of Wichita and Cecil Judie of Arkansas City, who won Yoder Smokers pellet smoker grills in Mid America’s latest anniversary giveaway.grill_winner

Crouch won the larger YS640 while Judie won the YS480.

To celebrate Mid America’s 75th anniversary and in recognition of the state’s 150th year of statehood, Mid American is giving away Kansas-made products. Every month, Kansas Originals are given away at all branches. Earlier this year, Gary Honomichl won a 42-inch Hustler Sport mower that was part of the special anniversary promotions.

One of the contest winners, Cecil Judie of Arkansas City, is pictured with Mid American branch manager Mary Hamilton.

U.S. savings bonds going paperless

Starting Jan. 1, 2012, U.S. savings bonds will no longer be sold through financial institutions or by mail. Instead, all purchases of Series EE and I Savings Bonds will be done online through www.treasurydirect.gov.

Ending paper savings bonds sales is expected to save taxpayers an estimated $70 million over the next five years. Another advantage with electronic bonds is that they can’t be lost or misplaced.

Financial institutions will continue to redeem paper bonds. Existing paper bonds will earn interest for 30 years from the issue date or until redeemed.

You can convert your paper savings bond to electronic savings bonds at no charge. No earned interest will be lost and the bonds will keep their original issue dates and current interest rate terms.

To use the online services of TreasuryDirect, you will need to have an account at a financial institution to receive direct deposit payments and to use as a payment source for purchases.

An email address is necessary to receive important messages about your TreasuryDirect account.

Winner named in iPad2 giveaway

News that she won the iPad2 in a recent promotion to encourage mobile and text banking signups made Christina  Jenkins day.

“I’ve had such a great weekend, and this just made it even better,” said Jenkins who had celebrated her birthday and earning her master’s degree from Baker University.  Jenkins won the iPad 2 giveaway in a promotion that ended Dec. 16.

The new mobile and text banking options are also making it better for Jenkins and other members to get account information.

With Mid American’s mobile banking service, members can check balances, view account history, transfer funds and do national and local searches for the nearest ATM or branch.

With text banking, members can text the credit union for account balance and recent transaction history and even transfer funds.

To sign up for the new services, go to  http://www.co-opmobile.org.

Spread the word


Matthew Kotch has become a walking advertisement for Mid American Credit Union. Whenever he can, he tells new hires at one of our more than 300 affiliate employee groups about the benefits of opening an account and establishing a membership with us. 

“I tell everybody,” he says. He became a member nearly two years ago and has been an advocate ever since. 

He tells others how easy it is to get his paycheck directly deposited into an account and that he can easily access it through free ATMs and shared branching nationwide. He tells them how we provided him with an account, when banks turned him down because he didn’t have an established credit history.

He tells them how he likes the fact that he knows there’s a local, caring person he can contact, rather than someone answering an 800 number, when he has financial needs. 

There are many more benefits, and as banks are imposing more and more fees, credit unions are becoming a more attractive option for people who want to keep more of their money and benefit themselves. One of the key differences between banks and credit unions is ownership. Banks are owned by a group of investors, looking for a profit. As not-for-profit cooperatives, credit unions are owned by their members, looking for a way to access financial services at the lowest cost possible. 

This past year, credit union membership jumped significantly – primarily when banks announced they would start charging fees for services such as a debit card. Following Bank of America’s announcement of such a charge in late September – which it later retracted – a survey of 5,000 credit unions showed

650,000 new members signed up, according to Credit Union National Association. According to Bloomberg News, the percentage of banks offering free checking has fallen from 76 percent two years ago to 45 percent, with the average monthly fee being $14. Free debit cards and checking accounts are the norm at credit unions, not the exception.

Increasing our membership benefits all credit union members. It makes it possible for us to continue to provide lower interest rates on loans, offer free or low cost services and for you to keep more of your own money to meet financial needs and wants.

We hope more members take up Kotch’s advocacy and help others find the benefits of credit union membership and ownership. If you have a chance, spread the word. It will help keep us – and, more importantly, you – financially strong.

Adding value to an existing home

From Debbie Stang, Home Loan Officer

A big trend in real estate is remodeling an existing home. In 2009, Americans spent more than $114 billion on home remodels, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Remodeling is expected to surpass new home construction in the next few years, says the NAHB.

If you’re looking to add value to your home and enjoy some of the more modern trends of home living, here are some projects to consider:

Create a family room. Many new homes feature open floor plans with a family room playing center stage. You can remodel or renovate your existing home to be more new construction.

Remodel your basement. Game rooms and guest suites are also trends in new construction. Create the same spaces with a remodel of an existing basement or finishing an unfinished one.

Create a home office. More people are either telecommuting or starting home businesses. Create a dedicated space that is wired and outfitted to function as an updated office for yourself now and to attract potential future homebuyers.

Replace the roof. First impressions count, plus ensuring you have a solid roof over your head helps retain your home’s value.

Landscape your yard. Create curb appeal with the front yard and an outdoor entertainment space in the back to provide not only a good first impression, but an increase in your living space.

Make smaller changes. A couple of buckets of paint, new tile and trim, an upgrade in bathroom fixtures, adding or replacing cabinet hardware, some decorative detailing such as crown moulding – they can give your home a fresh, new look on relatively low-cost budget.

If you’re embarking on a large-scale renovation, consider either a home equity loan or a second mortgage to finance those costs. Click here to find out more about Mid American’s loans.

Mid American employees, members give back to the community

Mid American Credit Union employees call it their “Love Drive” – an effort to help girls living at a Wichita safe haven get everyday items ranging from snack packs to personal care items.


The Love Drive, held annually during Valentine’s Day and benefiting girls ages 6-24 who live at Carpenter place, is just one of several community efforts that Mid American employees undertake as a way to give back to the community.

Employees also support Carpenter Place with payroll deduction donations throughout the year. This year, Mid American members also helped the Love Drive effort, as well as another charitable drive effort. 

Employees and members joined together this past holiday season to adopt and provide for four families who sought services through the Salvation Army.

As a financial institution, Mid American believes strongly in financial literacy.

 Md American financially supports, as well as provides volunteers, for the Reality U program run by Communities in Schools. The program helps teach budgeting and financial skills to more than 2,000 area middle and high school students, who are given a scenario 10 years in the future – based on their grades, expressed career interests and other factors – and has  them make important financial decisions while setting up  a monthly budget.

In 2011, Mid American started offering a series of financial literacy seminars to help Boy Scouts members earn the personal financial management merit badge. 

For the past two years, Mid American has provided a financial literacy component for a summertime program meant to help keep kids stay off the streets by providing organized recreation and educational activities. The PACK program is a project of the Wichita Police Department, the Park and Recreation Department, and the City Manager’s Community Education Section.

Mid American Credit Union hosts quarterly blood drives, with several employees participating, with the American Red Cross.

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