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Home The News Mexico Now Added to List of Countries and U.S. States for Debit Card Restrictions

Mexico Now Added to List of Countries and U.S. States for Debit Card Restrictions


Due to a high rate of fraudulent transactions occurring in Missouri, Florida, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland and Mexico, Mid American has put restrictions on signature-based debit card transactions in those states and countries.The restrictions don't affect PIN-based transactions, but they do apply to Internet transactions, as well.

Cards are being counterfeited with actual account information but do not contain a member's actual name or other information.

"This has nothing to do with us being breached. It has to do with unscrupulous people taking member information," said Connie White, Mid American's compliance manager.

One of the most common ways in which cards are compromised is when a person pays for a restaurant bill. That's when the card leaves a person's sight and can be run through a second scanner, which is swiping the data from the card's magnetic stripe.

Members are reminded to be diligent about sharing their financial information or conducting card transactions.

Members who travel should notify Mid American of their travel plans. Mid American's anti-fraud area review account transactions for suspicious use, and the notification will help ensure members can conduct transactions, even in those restricted areas.

Mid American members can also access their accounts in Florida and Missouri through shared branches. Go to to locate one of the nearly 4,000 branches in the Credit Union Service Center network, in which Mid American participates.


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