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Vacation saving tips


Studies show that an ideal work-life balance leads to happier, more productive employees. Yet many Americans end up not using vacation days, in part because of concerns about how vacations often mean spending money. 

With careful planning, you can enjoy your vacation days with less money stress.

Set up a dedicated vacation fund with automatic transfers. One of the perks of Mid American’s vacation savings accounts is that you can make three free withdrawals a month, so you can plan a vacation for any time of the year.

Make it a family affair. Involve the entire family in other savings strategies. Collect loose change in a vacation savings jar – Mid American has free coin counters at its main and northeast Wichita branches and Ark City branch. Cull your closets and have a garage sale. Eat out less and pack a lunch for work.

Do your research. You can find various deals through sites like Groupon Getaways or LivingSocial Escapes. But read the fine print to check for blackout dates and then compare with other travel sites. Sometimes you can find special deals directly on hotel sites.

Consider “staycations.” Vacations don’t have to involve long-distance travel or any travel at all. Explore your surroundings with a day trip. Often it’s just the time away from work and the making of memories

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