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New branch managers for Ark City and Credit Union Service Center


There are new managers at the helm of Mid America’s Arkansas City branch and at the Credit Union Service Center, which Mid America administrates, but they’re no strangers.

Mary Hamilton, the former branch manager at the Arkansas City branch, has become the new manager at the Credit Union Service Center, located near the intersection of 31st and Meridian in Wichita.

Travis Colibert, who was formerly in charge of the Coleman branch, is the new manager for the Arkansas City branch, 1610 N. Summit.


New online feature available for outside transfers


Mid American members can now transfer funds from their Mid American account to another financial institution through a new feature on Desktop Banking.

You will find this feature listed as Outside Transfers. You will need the routing or ABA number and account information at the other institution to complete the transfer. You also will be able to move money from another institution – for a loan payment, for example - to your Mid American account.

Click here for further instructions.


Change PIN at ATM


Effective July 10, 2012, members will be able to change their PIN at Mid American-owned ATMs. “PIN Change” will be an option on the Transaction Selection Screen. If the member chooses this option, they will be prompted to input a new PIN. Subsequent transactions will require the new PIN.


New Student Loan Partnership




Recognizing the need for private student loans for its members, Mid American Credit Union is proud to refer students and their families to the cuScholar Private Student Loan, which is available through the cuStudentLoans network of credit union partners.

With college enrollment at an all time high, paired with the escalating cost of tuition, cuStudentLoans provides families with a complimentary product to assist them with funding higher education. The cuScholar Private Student Loan can help pay for all qualified education expenses, including tuition, room and board, books, computers, even past due tuition bills. This private student loan option also includes a unique financial literacy component that helps students learn good credit habits and build their credit scores while they are still in school

“We are great believers in assisting members with their education needs.  We currently have some great ways to save for school and connections to scholarship opportunities.  We are very excited to be able to refer a credit union managed private student loan product to our members who may need additional assistance,” said Jim Holt, Mid American Credit Union's President/CEO. “With the price of college on the rise, students and parents are finding it difficult to afford higher education. This private student loan takes over when federal funding is exhausted, which allows students to focus on learning, not wondering how to pay for the next semester.”

cuScholar Private Student Loan Benefits:

  • - No origination fee
  • - Low rates, and with good grades get even lower rates
  • - 1% interest rate reduction once 10% of the loan principal is repaid during the full repayment period
  • - 30-day no-fee return policy allows you to cancel the loan if you find a better option
  • - No cosigner required for creditworthy student borrowers
  • - Email statement and small monthly $25 Proactive Payment that help build a credit score while still in college

Apply today at



Making your home a seller


From Debbie Stang, Home Loan Officer

There’s more to selling your home than putting up a “For Sale” sign in your yard. If you want to change that sign to “Sold,” here are some tips from the National Association of REALTORS and other experts to make your house a standout.

Create curb appeal.

Springtime is approaching so it’s the perfect time to enhance the exterior of your house and make sure your landscaping creates a good  first impression. Keep the lawn cut and watered. Trim hedges and weeds and spruce up flower gardens. Make sure driveways and walkways are in good repair.

Fix any peeling paint on doors and windows. If your home needs it, give it a fresh coat of paint. Or apply a fresh coat of paint to the door. Don’t forget to declutter the yard of bikes, toys or other such items. Bring splashes of color to your deck or patio with potted flowers or adding bright pillows to outdoor furniture.

Set up an inviting home.

Besides decluttering, deep cleaning and making small repairs inside, you’ll need to stage your home so that potential buyers can see themselves living in there. You may need to rent an offsite storage unit to store unused items, such as furniture and seasonal items, plus other things as you start decluttering your home.

It may be hard, but you’ll need to take the mindset that your home is now a house, a product to be sold. Start packing up the personal items, such as photos. Paint walls neutral colors. Remove some furniture to make rooms appear larger. Pack up the knickknacks and declutter the bookshelves. Organize cabinets and closets.

Some other creative ways to enhance your home include the use of mirrors to give an illusion of larger space. Tie ribbons around towels in your bathroom and set out a basket of scented soaps to give your bathroom a spa feel.


Mid American repeats win of state financial literacy award for kids’ camp courses


For the second year in a row, Mid American Credit Union has won the state-level Desjardins Youth Financial Education Award, the Kansas Credit Union Association announced Tuesday, April 24.

As the first place winner, Mid American will go on to compete in the national credit union competition, sponsored by the Credit Union National Association.

Mid American won the award for expanding the reach of a financial literacy course it started offering in 2010 as part of a summer youth program in Wichita’s most culturally diverse and economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. In 2010, Mid American piloted the program to 200 students in two summer camps; in 2011, it offered the program in all five of the PACK camp sites in Wichita, reaching more than 500 students.

Every week during the seven-week camp, Mid American staff members, assisted by staff of the local Consumers Credit Counseling Service, taught the youth about various aspects of money — its history, how it’s used and how it’s earned and saved —during one-hour sessions.

To emphasize the importance of earning and saving money, participants were given Mid-American-imprinted piggy banks to take home to begin saving. The kids were asked to consider ways to earn money, with some doing extra chores around the house, running lemonade stands and mowing lawns. One child went to “work” for his father, helping separate hardware that his father needed for the job.

The most anticipated day of the camp was on the final day, when the children brought back their savings, some of which had overrun the flesh-colored piggy banks, for final tallies. Mid American provided cash prizes to the top earners at each camp, ranging from $20-50. The prize “earnings” represented the interest-earning concept of savings.

“This program has not only helped us make community partnerships but allows us to  teach young kids, and maybe even their families, about the importance of saving money and other financial choices,” said Sarah Meehan, marketing manager, employer partnerships and advocacy. Meehan was the impetus behind coordinating the financial literacy course. When she was asked if Mid American would make a financial donation to the program by one of the sponsors, she suggested taking part in the camp activities.

The summer PACK youth program is sponsored by the Wichita Police Department, the Park and Recreation Department, and the city manager’s Community Education Section, and is offered in five Wichita neighborhoods.


Mid American has free ID theft resolution service


As many as 9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year, according to the Federal Trade Commission.


While some ID theft victims can resolve problems quickly, some spend hundreds of dollars and hours repairing the damage ID thieves have done.


If you have a Mid American checking account and you are an ID theft victim, you are covered by our free Fraud Victim Resolution Service provided by Identity Fraud Inc. This coverage applies even if your Mid American account isn’t affected.


If you believe you are an identity theft victim, you can reach a dedicated case specialist at Identity Fraud Inc. 24/7 by calling 866-443-3728. The specialist will help you create a case file and provide resources for resolving the damage and protection tools.


If you do not have a Mid American checking account and need to resolve ID theft, here are four steps recommended by the FTC. More information is available at


  1. Place a fraud alert on your credit reports and review your credit reports regularly. You need only call one of the three consumer reporting agencies – TransUnion, 800 680- 7289; Equifax, 800-525-6285; and Experian, 888-397-3742. The company you call is required to contact the other two.
  2. Close the accounts that you know or believe have been tampered with or fraudulently opened. Make sure you follow up in writing and send letters by certified mail, return receipt requested, to document your actions.
  3. 3. File a complaint with the FTC by going online to its website, or calling 877-ID-THEFT (438-4338).

4.    File a report with local police or the police in the community where the fraud took place.


With you all the time


By Jim Holt, president/CEO


You are never far from accessing your accounts at Mid American Credit Union. From networks of shared credit unions and ATM locations to a new, free downloadable app for your mobile device, Mid American is literally and virtually available to you all the time.


Mid American upcoming Mobile App will give you access from your mobile device anytime and anywhere. With this new app, which will be downloadable from the iPhone App Store or the Android Market, you can check balances, pay bills, transfer money, and find Co-op Network ATMs and Credit Union Service Centers.


We are also using social media to give our members another way to interact with us. Our Facebook business page made its debut last month (March 2012). While this is not a place for sharing account information, it is a medium for announcing events, answering general questions and of course, listening and responding to general comments. Find the page at


This quarter, we will offer a new bank to bank transfer function to Desktop Banking. Members will be able to transfer money from a Mid American account to another institution’s checking or savings account or pay a loan payment with an ACH debit from a non-Mid American account.


Here are various ways – old and new – that you can interact with us.


Branches and ATMS. Besides using Mid American’s branches, members can conduct cash transactions – deposits, withdrawals, loan payments and fund transfers – at nearly 4,500 credit union facilities nationwide through the Credit Union Service Center network. You can avoid ATM fees by using one of the more than 25,000 Co-op Network ATMs nationwide. You can find shared branch and ATM locations through the Branches link and ATM link.


Desktop Banking. Our online service provides you with many functions, from account transactions to paying bills to reordering checks. You can even sign up for e-statements to eliminate paper. If you’re not already signed up for Desktop Banking, see a financial service representative and you’ll have 24/7 access to your account. You can also download a sign-up form from online and mail or fax it to us. To find out more contact financial services, 316-722-3921, ext. 202.


Mobile banking. This is similar to our Internet banking, with members using tablet computers or smartphones to get online. Check balances, view account history, transfer funds and do national and local searches for the nearest ATM or branch. The new mobile app will provide more efficient access.


Text banking. Text us for your account balance and recent transaction history and even transfer funds. To sign up, go to


Automated telephone. We’ve recently made changes to make this service, available by calling 316-722-3921, and pressing 3 ,faster and more efficient. You will need a PIN to access this service, which provides you with account information and allows you to do transfers. Contact a financial service representative or download the sign-up form from our website and mail or fax it.


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