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Advocacy: We Need Your Support!


Why should I advocate for credit unions?

Membership in a not-for-profit credit union is an important option for consumers. Banks and other financial institutions are motivated by maximizing profits for their investors. Credit unions are owned by their members, which means we work only in your best interests. When new laws and regulations are proposed that might restrict your ability to join a credit union or harm the financial health of credit unions, your voice is needed to let legislators know that their constituents are concerned.


Advocacy is your opportunity to help when issues arise that would negatively impact credit unions. We face proposals for new laws and burdensome regulations every year. Such changes, when enacted, hold the potential to cause harm to the financial health of Mid American and other credit unions. This is why we ask for your help from time to time to contact legislators and regulators. This advocacy section of our web site is your source for the latest on issues affecting credit unions and for easy communication with legislators in Washington D.C. and Topeka.


Current issues - updated September 28, 2015

  • Merchant Data Breaches

 Merchants are not subject to the same federal data protection standards as financial institutions, such as credit unions. This means that some merchants fail to invest sufficiently in data security measures. As a result, it can be easier for hackers to gain access to a person’s credit card number, debit pin number, or other sensitive data through a merchant. Hackers can then sell this information to bad actors, or use it themselves to fraudulently buy things with the stolen data. You can help stop these data breaches by asking your federal legislators to require merchants to implement stronger security safeguards to protect your personal information.

Stop the Data Breaches




Find your elected officials at Credit Union National Association's Grassroots Action Center

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