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At the time of my death, the primary beneficiaries named below will receive my HSA assets. If all of my primary beneficiaries die before me, the contingent beneficiaries named below will receive my HSA assets. In the event a beneficiary dies before me, such beneficiary's share will be reallocated on a pro-rata basis to the other beneficiaries that share the deceased beneficiary's classification as a primary or contingent beneficiary. A designation of a beneficiary's primary or contingent classification is generally made by entering a percentage in one of the two columns to the left of the name. In the event a beneficiary is named as both a primary and contingent beneficiary, or if a beneficiary is not assigned to a beneficiary classification, such beneficiary shall be a primary beneficiary. If no percentages are assigned to beneficiaries, or if the percentage total for any beneficiary classification exceeds 100 percent, the beneficiaries in the classification will share equally. If the percentage total for each beneficiary is less than 100 percent, any remaining percentage will be divided equally among the beneficiaries within such class. If all of the beneficiaries die before me, or if none are designated, my HSA assets will be paid to my estate. This designation revokes and supercedes all earlier beneficiary designations which may apply to this HSA.
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Community or marital property state laws may require spousal consent for a nonspouse beneficiary designation. The laws of the state in which the financial organization is domiciled, the HSA owner resides, the trust is located, the spouse resides, or this transaction is consummated should be reviewed to determine if such a requirement exists. Spousal consent for the beneficiary designation may also be required by financial organization policy.


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