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Security & Identity Theft

Logon Security With Multi-Factor Authentication


You know it's us, we know it's you.

Desktop Banking uses an enhanced security feature known as Multi-Factor Authentication. The system is designed to recognize the computers you normally use and provide protection from unauthorized access to your account.

How does Multi-Factor Authentication affect the way I logon to Desktop Banking?
Desktop Banking uses two screens for the logon process.
• The first screen is for your account number and PIN
• The second screen is used to enter your password

After you logon for the first time, you will need to set up these features:
  1) Security Image
  2) Security Phrase
  3) Answers to Three Security Questions
You Know It's Us, We Know It's You
The Security Image and Phrase will confirm for you that you are on Mid American’s Web site during future logons.
The Security Questions will be used to verify your identity when you logon from a computer you do not normally use.

For each computer you use to logon, you may tell our system to remember it, thus eliminating the need to answer Security Questions when using that computer.

Once Multi-Factor Authentication is setup on your account, the screen for entering your password will display your chosen Security Image and Phrase. Click here for sample screenshot.

What kind of security images can I choose?

    • There are six categories. Click here for a sample screenshot.

Should joint account holders use the same Security Questions?

    • Answers to Security Questions should be known by all users who access the same account. Click here for an image with sample questions. Questions? If you have any questions about these new security features, please call Financial Services at 316-722-3921, ext. 202.

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