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Boost Your Savings

Turn debit card purchases into some extra cash.

How does $300 a year sound? Pretty exciting, we think.

With Boost Your Savings, every time you use your Mid American debit card, your purchase gets rounded up to the next dollar amount. The difference is automatically deposited into your savings account. Over time, your "spare change" can really add up. A typical debit card user could save up about $300 a year. That's enough to cover one of life's little emergencies or to splurge on something special.

  • Example 1: If you use your card to pay $3.49 for a coffee, we'll move 51 cents from your checking account into savings.
  • Example 2: You don't quite stop the gas pump on a round number and your fill-up comes to $30.02. That's 98 cents more for your savings.

Boost Your Savings is a great way to save up a little with each purchase—think of it as your digital change jar.