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Score Booster Loans

A better credit rating may be closer than you think.

Continue your comeback and end up with extra money

Your credit score is an important number. A good score puts you in a better position to borrow money, purchase insurance, qualify for rental housing and more. If you're rebounding from a financial setback (or setting out on your credit-building journey), one effective way to raise your score is to make on-time loan payments. Here's how Mid American's Score Booster Loan works:
  • Open a Mid American direct deposit checking or savings account1 or have an existing direct deposit account.
  • Choose a monthly payment2 and loan amount that fits your budget.
  • Pay off your Score Booster loan over 24 months. Your payments are reported each month to all three major credit bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. After the 24 payments are made, the borrowed amount is yours to spend.
  • No money up front and an interest rate of only 11.00% APR3
  • Need a loan where the borrowed amount is available immediately? Apply for a Signature Loan.

Get started

Your application is subject to approval as long as your Mid American account is in good standing, and you do not have an active bankruptcy. 

Score Booster Loan Application

One of the best ways to build your credit and potentially improve your credit score is making loan payments on time. A Score Booster logo Score Booster loan can help you accomplish that with no money up-front and a loan rate of only 11.00% APR.1



1Score Booster loans require a Mid American Credit Union direct deposit checking or savings account in order to be eligible. All eligible applicants are subject to approval with the exceptions of a current bankruptcy filing or a charged-off or delinquent Mid American loan or deposit account. There is no penalty if a Score Booster loan is paid off early. Improving your credit score is dependent on your current situation and financial behavior. A Score Booster loan will not remove negative history from your credit report.

2Monthly payments shown are rounded up. Final payment will be less, resulting in the Total Payments amount shown.
3APR=Annual percentage rate