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We can help create some breathing room in your budget.

Running short this month? Relief is right here.

We've all been there. Bills pop up out of the blue. A major repair job costs a mint. Or you need extra money to do something nice for your family. When your budget gets stretched a bit, Mid American is happy to help out. Just give us advance notice and we can clear the way for you to skip a monthly loan payment. Here's how it works:

  • Six payments must have been made on your loan before first Skip-a-Payment
  • Loan must be current and in good standing
  • One skip allowed per loan every six months
  • Fee is $20 or 10% of payment amount, whichever is less
  • Mortgages, home equity loans, credit cards, lines of credit and Score Booster Loans are not eligible

Set up a Skip-a-Payment

Call: 316-722-3921, ext. 202
Text: 316-779-0037

Finance Charges Explanation

Skipping a payment may cause your principal balance to remain unchanged and may extend the term of your contract. Interest will continue to accrue. This offer does not apply to mortgages, home equity loans, Visa credit card bills, lines of credit, Score Booster Loans or past due loans. If you have a GAP policy on your loan, skipping a payment during the loan contract may affect the terms of the policy. Check your GAP policy for restrictions.