Life Insurance

It's always better to have a plan. 

Protect the ones you love with life insurance. 

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As a Mid American Credit Union member, you are eligible for special, discounted life insurance from our TruStage insurance partner. Whole and term life insurance are available depending on your needs.

Term life insurance

Some features with TruStage life insurance provides protection for a certain period of time at affordable rates. If circumstances or needs change, you can convert term insurance to whole life at various specified times.

Whole life insurance protects

Take advantage of the whole life insurance features through TruStage. No physical exams, no invasive tests, no hassle, and your monthly premium amounts stay the same. Accumulate a cash value that can provide a future source of money.

Here's a quick comparison:

Term Life Insurance:

  • Provides protection for 10, 15, 20 or 30-year terms or a set number of years depending on your needs
  • Offers premiums and benefits that remain the same or vary depending on your policy
  • Offers lower monthly premiums to work within your budget

Whole Life Insurance: 

  • Provides permanent coverage for your entire life
  • Premiums stay the same throughout your lifetime
  • You can borrow against the cash value and use the money for any needs that arise.*
*Any unpaid balance of the loan, plus interest, is subtracted from the death benefit.

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TruStage™ is a marketing brand used to identify products offered through CMFG Life Insurance Company and programs offered through CMFG Life insurance agencies to credit union members.