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About Us

Our everyday goal is to simply - to be the best.

From humble Kansas roots to a nationwide membership

In the early days of the credit union movement, employees and volunteers were not allowed to borrow from the credit union where they worked or volunteered. This meant the people who most believed in the credit union philosophy of people helping people were unable to take advantage of all the benefits it offered. In 1936, Kansas Federal Credit Union was chartered for the sole purpose of serving employees and volunteers of credit unions, credit union associations, and members of their families.

Kansas Federal served in this unique capacity until the late 1970s when new legislation allowed credit union employees/volunteers to apply for loans from their workplace. At that point, Kansas Federal switched from a federal to a state charter - and in 1979, it changed its name to Mid American Credit Union. This charter change allowed the credit union to expand its field of membership to include additional Kansas residents and employees of Affiliated Groups.

The charter change also meant employers could affiliate with Mid American and offer its services as an employee benefit. This served the needs of the many employers who were not inclined to form a credit union of their own, but desired their employees to have a credit union benefit.

Today, Mid American Credit Union has grown to be a full-service financial institution with assets of $400 million. Mid American serves more than 500 employers in Kansas and 45,000 members nationwide. Some of the largest employers in the Wichita area are served by Mid American, including Learjet/Bombardier, Coleman, and Sedgwick County. Of course, even the smallest companies are able to offer the benefits of credit union membership to their employees - at no cost.

Our mission at Mid American Credit Union is to be the best choice for quality financial services, above and beyond all other alternatives. Mid American is dedicated to bringing a full range of convenient and economically priced services to its membership nationwide.