MACU Card Manager

Use our app to take control of your debit card.

Protect yourself from fraud and prevent overspending

You've misplaced your debit card and are worried that a stranger might find it and use it. You can use the MACU Card Manager app to turn your card "off." You're sending your teenager out to do some shopping. You can use Card Manager to set limits on how much can be spent and where purchases can be made. These are just a few ways that this user-friendly tool can help keep your finances on track.

  • Download the "MACU Card Manager" app from the App Store or Google Play
  • There is no charge for the download or Card Manager Services
  • Intuitive app design makes it easy to access account information and controls with the tap of a finger
  • Monitor your finances anytime, anywhere by using the Mid American Card Manager app to check your account balances or review recent debit card transactions

Fraud Protection

  • Real-time alerts keep you informed when your debit card is used
  • Transaction controls allow you to limit card use to specific locations or geographic areas
  • When your card is "off," no withdrawals or purchases will be approved.
  • You can just as easily turn your card back "on" with our app

Control Spending

  • Individuals can set spending limits for general use or by merchant types - such as gas, groceries or retail stores
  • Businesses can do the same, limiting employee purchases to certain merchant types, locations or dollar thresholds