Mobile Check Deposit

Your smartphone camera is the key to fast, easy deposits.

All it takes is a couple clicks and our time-saving app

Whether it comes from an employer, a customer or a friend, getting a check is always a good thing. What can make it even better? Making an on-the-spot deposit. With Mobile Check Deposit, your mobile device and the Mid American app can fast-forward funds to your account from just about anywhere.
  • Endorse your check as you normally would, adding the phrase "For Mobile Deposit Only"
  • Use your smartphone or mobile device camera to capture images of the check's front and back
  • Follow the simple directions in our mobile app to transmit the images to us
  • You'll receive an electronic confirmation that your deposit has been received
  • Funds are often available by the next business day
  • High-tech security safeguards prevent any personal or financial data from being shared

Mobile Check Deposit Application

Mobile check deposit is available to members who are signed up for mobile banking. Certain qualifications apply. Fill out the application below, and we’ll notify you by email once you are approved.