Order Checks

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Let's get you restocked before you run out

With all those bills and store purchases, it's easy to use up your checks pretty quickly. The good news is that we can get you your next batch pretty quickly. Here are your options:
  • Call our Contact Center at 316-722-3921, ext. 202.
  • Order directly from Deluxe by clicking the button below. You'll need the following information: 1) Your zip code. 2) Mid American's Routing Number: 301180124. 3) Your account number.

Note: Your account number is 10 digits long, which may include "leading zeroes." For example, if you usually refer to your account number as "123456," it is actually "0000123456." With the leading zeroes added, it is the required 10 digits in length.

Also: Please add "080" to the end of your account number on the Deluxe form, which is Mid American's checking account suffix. For example, account number "0000123456" should be entered as "0000123456080". For an HSA checking account, add "180" as the suffix.