Safe Deposit Boxes

Let us protect your most precious possessions.

Perfect for heirlooms, jewelry and important documents

It can be convenient to keep the things you value at home where they're within easy reach. But there's a risk as well - of theft, fire, flooding or other damage. At Mid American Credit Union, we can put your mind at ease by safely storing documents and valuables in one of our many safe deposit boxes.

Appropriate items

  • Stock and bond certificates
  • Original copies of birth, marriage, and death certificates
  • Adoption, divorce, and child custody papers
  • Deed to your house
  • Military discharge papers
  • Photographs and/or videotape of your home’s contents
  • Written home inventory
  • Rare coins
  • Jewelry

Original copies of wills and life insurance policies should not be kept in safe deposit boxes, because the boxes can be sealed by court order upon the death of the boxholder. Copies of these documents may be stored in boxes, though.


Sizes available

All boxes are 21.5 inches long. Other dimensions listed below - the height and width - are also in inches. Mid American offers $10 yearly discounts to members who also have one of our checking accounts.

  • 3"x10": $35 per year
  • 5"x10": $50 per year
  • 10"x10": $75 per year

Safe deposit boxes available at these branches

  • 8404 W. Kellogg Dr., Wichita
  • 2993 N. Webb Rd., Wichita
  • 550 N. Wakarusa Dr., Lawrence
  • 114 W. 5th St., Larned